About Us...

The History of AA Spice

Manufacturing Marinade for the very first time in 1989 Abel Alexandre opened AA Spice. Manufacturing, packaging, marketing, selling and delivering the marinade as one man, Abel started AA Spice offering only 2 lines of marinades and look at us now… we now offer over 100 different lines of marinades, sauces, basting sauces, spices and meat rubs to choose from.

Revolutionising marinades within the meat industry

With 33 years in the game AA Spice has revolutionised marinades within the meat industry of our country.  Having repeatedly continued to have the highest quality of marinades and using only the freshest of ingredients we are proud to follow the motto that Abel set 33 years ago when we opened for the very first time namely being “use only the very best ingredients and the result is guaranteed”.